Celebrities Charge for Twitter Endorsements

Celebrity Twitter Endorsement

“I just earned $13,000 in 5 seconds for writing this tweet and mentioning #UYWradio & @HeatherWags

in less than 140 characters!”

No, I didn’t but if I were Khloe Kardashian I would have made that amount! Amazing what you can “earn” in 5 seconds. I can’t even spend that much in 5 seconds if I tried (well I have tried and succeeded but that’s not the point). See how much other celebrities are making off their Tweeting Endorsements.

Think about it, are those Tweeting Endorsements really worth the $92.85 per character? The recognition of a Tweet can gain a lot of followers and publicity; however Twitter followers live with a short-term attention span. Therefore a tweet will only last hours, if even a day. That’s a lot of money spent for a quick shout out! @UnlockYrWealth @HeatherWags #UWYradio

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