Dog Inherits $12 Million

When New York Hotel Heiress Leona Helmsley left us in 2007, she didn’t forget to leave a trust fund for her little Maltese named Trouble. Turning her back on relatives, the “Queen of Mean” Millionaire chose to leave $12 million to her dear Trouble, since the dog was the one who comforted her most after the passing of her husband. However, after legal battles the judge cut Trouble’s inheritance down to a pitiful $2 million, still not a bad bone to pick. The $2 million inheritance came with caretaker Carl Lekic, who spent $100,000 on Trouble’s care and $8,000 on Trouble’s grooming each year. Except for the 30 death and kidnapping threats to the “poor” Maltese, that’s not a bad life for a dog,

leona helmsley

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