Breakdown of Children’s Beauty Pageant Fees

The true cost of beauty pageants

Beauty Pageant Fees

Children’s beauty pageants might look fun and glamorous, but there’s always a price to pay for that beauty and finesse. Fees to consider include purchasing a nice glitz dress, entry fees to each pageants, professional hair & makeup, pageant training, travel expenses and much more. Even though the experience might be costly, the expression on your glitzy child’s face will be priceless when she is crowned the winner.

The costs below are a breakdown of all the fees associated with a Children’s Beauty Pageant:

Entree Fee- $50-$500

Pageant Coach/ Training- $50+/hour

Hair and Makeup-$150-$300

Dress- $250-$10,000

Shoes- $30+

Accessories- $100+

Spray Tan- $45+

Hotel- $75-$160/night

Transportation Gas- Varies – $50+

Other Pageant Outfits- $75+

Added Categories in Pageant- $20-$30/category

Adding these costs up might be overwhelming, so consider the breakdown of an actual pageant. As your child completes one category of the pageant ($30), she quickly runs back stage to change outfits ($350) while her coach ($100) prepares your girl for the next category ($30) as mom dabs her with concealer and powder ($40) trying to changes hair clips ($10) so she can look her best for the next round of competition.

Total cost of 5 minutes in pageant: $560

Costs of the actual pageant, not including hotel expenses, transportation costs, promotional photos, dance lessons, or voice lessons can be overwhelming themselves, try figuring out the cost of an entire year in pageants. According to Dorothy Poteat, Director of Southern Elite Pageants based in Chapel Hill, N.C.,  a “glitz pageant six times a year can easily run $10,000.” Now that’s a price to pay for your child’s beauty.

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