Financial Fate Is Sealed By Age 9?

Children's Financial Future

According The Telegraph, a child’s future earnings can be predicted by the time they are nine years old.  Studies have concluded children’s financial future is determined young, by simply looking at their English and Match scores.

A mathematician from Harvard University found that children’s grades in English and Maths could help predict their likelihood of going to University at age 20, and their average earnings at 28.

The formula was designed to estimate the effect that different teachers and school environments have on children’s future academic and financial success.

Prof Gary Chamberlain analysed hundreds of records from thousands of classrooms across 866 schools in Tennessee, which dated from the school years 1988-89 to 2008-09.

These included end-of-year test scores in English and maths for pupils from the fourth to eighth grades, who would have been aged nine to 14.

He compared the data against information from a later study about the same pupils’ earnings in their late twenties, and whether or not they attended university.


Original article courtesy of The Telegraph

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