Floyd Mayweather Jr. Spends His Millions in Outrageous Ways

Mayweather Richest AthleteEarning more money than he can spend, Floyd Mayweather Jr. sure knows how to have fun with his $90 million salary, which he literally fought for to make him the Highest Paid Athlete today. Dedication and hard work by the professional boxer, who earns his money without any endorsements, has allowed him to spend his cash in lavish ways. Carrying Ziploc bags filled with hundreds, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is always ready for that outrageous purchase including the following…

Floyd Mayeather enjoys his two fleets of  luxury cars including a $290,000 Bentley, he purchased while in prison. Keeping his cars separated by color, storing his white rides in Miami and his black rides in Vegas.

Mayweather Cars

Source: Mayweather Instagram


He only wears shoes once. He leaves them in hotel rooms for the staff when he’s done.

Mayweather Shoes

Source: ESPN


Wearing $6,500 in boxer per year, again, throwing out each pair after he uses them one time.

Mayweather Boxers

Source: ESPN


Owning a G5 private jet to fly Mayweather and “some” of his entourage. The other entourage takes a separate jet so his body guards won’t weigh down the one he rides in.

Mayweather Jet

Source: ESPN


Spending millions on jewelry, necklaces in particular, even had $7 million in jewelry stolen from his house.

Mayweather Jewelry

Source: 8NewsNow


Fighting one time for a guaranteed $41 million, estimating his career earnings to $350 million.

Mayweather without Endorsements

Source: Forbes


The successful boxer (45-0) will continue to make his millions in the ring and with Pay Per View contracts. Read more about Mayweather and the way he knows how to spend his cash…

Original article from Business Insider

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