6 Money Saving Sites to Cut Your Grocery Bills

Cut Your Groceries In HalfGroceries are a big expense that you can’t get rid of, however you can make them more affordable on your budget. Considering Americans with an income of $30,000 report spending an average of $144 on food per week, and those with an income of $75,000 or more are averaging $180 per week (Gallup), our food costs are set between 12-25% of our annual income.  The following 6 money-saving solutions will help to eliminate those costs, not food, by cutting your grocery bill and stretching your dollar the next time you’re at the store.

1. Coupons.com – Online solutions are popping up (literally) everywhere. Visit this site that’s filled with dozens of coupons available each day. You can save on food, entertainment, health care, automatic repair and much more. They’ll even help you out with driving directions to the stores with the best deals.

2. Redplum.com -This site offers name brand coupons for groceries, restaurants and a variety of services.

3. Coupon Detector – Not sure where to find the best coupon for you? The Coupon Detector from the folks at Coupon Cabin is a browser add-on that tells you when you’re shopping on a website with discounts available. You’ll never miss another deal again!

4. Coupons at Checkout – Fill-in the “enter coupon code” every time you shop online! Most people just overlook this section at the checkout, but they’re overlooking savings! This browser add-on will alert you to current savings when you go to check out. The coupon code box will highlight in red. All you have to do is click to select your savings! Enter your ZIP code to see local deals and then select desired coupons to clip. You can select and print multiple coupons. Just take the coupons to the store and save big.

5. SmartSource.com – Enter your ZIP code to find local grocery coupons and start filtering through the results by product type and brand to print out your selected coupons.

6. Valpak.com – You can easily find dozens of daily deals at this site. Just enter your ZIP code to see deals near you and print them out.

Now go out and start saving!


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Original Article Courtesy of The Kim Komando Show

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