Money-Saving Secrets That Your Phone Carrier Wont Tell You

Save on Cell Phone CarriersThe Kim Komando Show discloses valuable money-saving secrets about your cell phone bill, more specifically the charges and value of text messaging. This topic, which that relates to millions of us who use cell phones everyday, was asked by a fan if text messaging is dying, if it’s worth having and if there is an alternative?

The Kim Komando Show answers with the following:

A. Don’t get too worried. Considering we sent an average of 17.6 billion texts everyday last year, I don’t see texts going away tomorrow or anytime soon. However, many people are discovering a newer technology that can send messages and doesn’t cost you a dime. In fact, with this technology people today are sending 19 billion messages per day! That’s bad news for cellular companies. It’s why many phone companies now include unlimited texting in some cellular plans. However, you often have to pay $10 to $20 more for the privilege. That means this new technology could literally save you thousands in only a few years.

So, what’s the big secret that has the major wireless carriers scared stiff?

The answer is chat apps. Apple’s iMessage, WhatsAppTextFree and TextPlus are just a few of the services behind the decline of texts. These apps let you send free, unlimited messages to your friends and family. Free video chat apps like Skype, FaceTime and Viber are helping people connect for free, too. Chat apps send messages using your cellular data plan. Since the messages are all very small, you can usually send thousands before noticing it in your data usage. Or you can send messages over Wi-Fi and it won’t affect your data plan at all! That’s why I recommend using Wi-Fi whenever possible, as long as you keep these safety rules in mind.

Of course, I still recommend you track your mobile gadget’s data use when you use apps like these. That way, you won’t go over your data limit and incur overage fees. Since chat apps work over Wi-Fi, you don’t even need a cellular plan to use them. You can use them on an old smartphone, any tablet or even some MP3 players. I’ve seen some people go this route to completely kick their cellular contract to the curb. The only hang-up with some of these apps is that you can’t send a text to just anyone. Some apps, like iMessage, are limited to a certain type of gadget (iOS, in this case). Others only let you send messages to other users of the app. Some apps do send regular texts, though. You can either use your current phone number or get a new one specifically for texts from the app.

When you pass out a special texting number, make sure people know it’s only for texts. Otherwise you may get charged if they try to call it. Voice calls with these apps usually cost anywhere from 2 to 10 cents a minute. That can be cheaper than some of the major carriers, but if you already have a voice plan, you don’t want to be paying extra.

So, how do you choose which chat app to use? It all depends on which services your friends and family like. Since most are free, don’t be afraid to test out or even use several different apps.

Free texting apps aren’t the only way to shrink your bills. Here are a few more tips to help you save cash every month.

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