5 Money Savings Tips on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving MealPreparing the Thanksgiving meal, putting up holiday decorations and hosting your family and friends can be stressful, and costly.  Save a little money this year with the following 5 money-saving tips for Thanksgiving.

1. Buy Seasonal. Purchase the vegetables and fruits at a local farmer’s market while they’re in season. This can save $0.50-$2.00 per item.

2. DIY Decorations. Get your children involved with the holiday decorations, or open that craft box and try these DIY projects courtesy of Pinterest.

3. Plan for Leftovers. You’re bound to have leftovers after the big Thanksgiving feast. Plan your meals for the next few days to include turkey, stuffing, bread and other main dishes. Try these leftover dishes courtesy of Martha Stewart.

4. Conserve Energy. Turn your thermostat down a little, as the house will naturally heat itself up with all the people in the house and your oven continually baking the delicious meal.

5. Control Portion Size. Use smaller plates so guests will finish their meal and opt out for seconds. This will save you extra money by not allowing guests to load large plates with extra food.

Keep in mind, Americans are wasting nearly 25% of all food prepared on Thanksgiving. Instead of feeling obligated to make a huge feast and break your bank, set an amount you can afford to spend and you can still prepare the delicious meal with that cost in mind. Scaling back to save money will also help prevent from wasting food.

Orginial Article courtesy of US News Finance

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