World’s Most Expensive Lego Made From Solid Gold

Most Expensive Lego

Receiving a thank you gift as an employee is always a nice little surprise, however when that thank you gift is a lego piece made from 25.65 grams of 14K gold, that surprise is a little more of a $14,000 shock!

BrickEnvy, an online store that sells collector Lego sets, came into possession of what is perhaps the world’s most expensive Lego.

The brick is the same size and shape as an original 2×4 Lego brick, according to BrickEnvy’s website, which lists the selling price as $14,449.99.

Apparently, the piece — which never hit toy store shelves — was briefly given out as a thank you gift. CNET reports that between 1979 to 1981, a very select few company partners and longtime employees were given the bricks for years of service to the company.

Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, Lego Group is now the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of toys, according to its website.

Lego lovers who don’t feel like coughing up $14,000 can always fall back on the company’s somewhat more reasonable sets, including the cool throwback “Star Wars” scenes, that were rolled out this summer.


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Photos courtesy of John Hughbanks/Brick Envy Inc.

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