Holiday Savings for Single Parents

Christmas for Single ParentHolidays can be financially stressful for anyone, especially if you’re a single parent living off of one income. Whether you’re financially independent and stored enough money or scrapping for cash this time of year, there are a few tips and ideas to keep your financial goals on track and save a little extra money when buying presents this holiday season.

Give the Gift of Time

Donating your time to help a neighbor, church or community function, can give a lot more than what money can buy. The extra help shoveling a driveway for your elderly neighbor or offering free swim lessons not only gives back to your community, but gives back to you and your own self-worth.

Light Up Your Home

Using LED lights over traditional lights will reduce your energy costs by 99 percent. Get more glow for your buck by reflecting the lights off of mirrors used around the house. The reflections will brighten up the yard and save you money when your energy bill arrives.

Take Advantage of Baby Deals

This time of year offers great baby deals on cribs, highchairs, monitors and more baby equipment. According to Alan Fields, co-author of Baby Bargains, “November and December are the slowest times of the year for baby stores.”

Saving on Traditions  

Make this year’s traditions inexpensive by bundling up the family and sledding down the snow hills in your city. Or pack the family up and head to your local orchard to pick apples as you spend the day baking apple pie, apple crisp and apple butter. Family traditions are all about the quality of time together, not the quantity of clothes purchased together.

Box it Up

Box up your gifts using free boxes offered at several retail shops including Macy’s. Saving $3 on every gift box can add up to your Holiday shopping list, so be sure to ask every retail shop when you’re in the checkout line.


In order to save during the Holiday season we need to remember our Three R’s. Review your decisions when making purchases and revise the situation, asking yourself if we need to recommit our financial goals and spending habits to stay on track of our financial path.

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