Sex or Money, What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Relationship troubles can arise when it comes to deciding on sex or money first. According to the Tribune, “love dies without money, while marriages get shattered due to sex starvation.” However, some relationships believe their love can last if only one of these ‘necessities’ lasted. In this vox pop, courtesy of the Tribune, the question was answered on whether money or sex should determine the existence or lifespan of a love relationship.

Sex or MoneyHUMAN wants, economists say, differ and insatiable, little wonder many men/women who are in love would rather prefer money or sex as the lubricant that oils the wheels of their relationship. But then, between money and love, which is important?

Can’t a relationship flourish with or without either of the two? Of what use is love relationship that is sapped of money, or deprived sexual intimacy that some often describe as the fulcrum of love?

As complex as humans are, so also are their wants which are sometimes determined by many social, economic and biological factors. So, when a woman says, “money for hand, back for ground”, her thought process only skirts around pecuniary advantage, sexual intimacy may be secondary.

Hearing a man talk about sex or money as a factor goading him on in his relationship with a “sugar mummy” is also a proof of his preference, after all, rich older women have the capacity to provide the two in equal measure.

For emphasis once more, what attracts you to a woman/man, money or sex?

Love turns wan without sex or money
Money and sex make a happy relationship and keep a couple united. They are essential factors of a happy marriage; after all, what is love without money or sex?

It needs be stressed that the absence of money and unsatisfactory sexual intercourse between spouses has always broken homes and relationships. It is also no news learning that either the husband or wife has dragged each other to court seeking for divorce because of this issue.

Of a truth, by their nature or pleasure you shall know them. Some women are driven easily into a love relationship when they sight money. Such women are not sex freak at all. Some, however, hate the thought, but believe that no sincere love could be built on the altar of pecuniary gains.

To them, making money the basis of love is insensible, but believe that sincerity endures relationship. True love is sincere, and it can only be oiled by things that last. To this category of women, money is fleeting, but sex endures. When money stops coming, what becomes of that relationship, they always ask.

Some men are fortunate to have a wife who craves for the two, just as some have become a torn in the flesh of their husbands on learning that one of these necessities is missing.


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