10 Best Jobs of 2013 Include Best Salary and Unemployment Ratings

The perfect job is out there and for some people they are working at one of the “10 Best Jobs” from on the list below, created by CNN.com. Combining  job opportunity, nice pay, manageable work-life balance and security these jobs are worth a second degree and a second look at your resume. Now, look over the list to help determine what you want for 2014 and the successful year that could be…

#1 Dentist

It was Dr. Seuss who wisely opined that “Teeth are always in style.” Dentists certainly believe as much to be true. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects this profession to grow by approximately 21 percent before 2020.

Median Salary: $142,740

Unemployment Rate: 0.7%


#2 Registered Nurse

Study nursing and you could go into care ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics—and it’s this occupation’s expanse that fuels its growth. The BLS predicts 711,900 new nursing jobs before the decade’s close.

Median Salary: $65,690

Unemployment Rate: 2.0%


#3 Pharmacist

 Even in a tough job market, the unique mix of medical knowledge and people skills required to run a pharmacy counter remains in demand. The BLS projects 25.3 percent employment growth for this field by 2020.

Median Salary: $113,390

Unemployment Rate: 3.1%


#4 Computer Systems Analyst

These IT project managers must have a firm grasp on how the components within a computer system—hardware, software, and networks—work together. The BLS projects this field will grow 22.1 percent as businesses and organizations rely more on information technology.

Median Salary: $78,770

Unemployment Rate: 2.5%


#5 Physician

These Grand Poobahs of medical healthcare should see a 24 percent employment spike to compensate for the number of baby boomers seeking more medical attention, not to mention all generations’ increased focus on preventative medicine.

Median Salary: $183,170

Unemployment Rate: 0.6%


#6 Database Administrator

The more digitized our society becomes, the more important the role of the database administrator becomes. By 2020, we’ll need approximately 33,900 new DBAs to store, organize, manage, and troubleshoot all of the information we store electronically.

Median Salary: $75,190

Unemployment Rate: 1.3%


#7 Software Developer

Of course, writing code is our No. 7 job’s most identifiable trait, but software developers also test and debug software, and help to maintain it in application. Between 2010 and 2020, there should be 143,800 new positions in this field.

Median Salary: $89,280

Unemployment Rate: 4.0%


#8 Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist, it’s your job to test, measure, and build the coordination, muscle strength, range of motion, and motor function of your patients. Opportunities—about 77,400 new jobs total this decade—are particularly ripe for those interested in working with older patients.

Median Salary: $78,270

Unemployment Rate: 1.8%


#9 Web Developer

The ease with which we navigate information on the Web—a site’s appearance and functionality—is often due to the craftiness of a Web developer. A nearly 22 percent employment swell is anticipated for our No. 9 occupation, with positions available for full-time workers, part-time employees, and those looking to contract their skills.

Median Salary: $77,990

Unemployment Rate: 4.7%


#10 Dental Hygienist


You might find this profession to be a pretty sweet calling. If you’re qualified, you stand a good chance of landing a job since there should be nearly 70,000 new positions in this field by 2020. And you’ll likely earn a comfortable salary while working less than 37 hours per week.

Median Salary: $69,280

Unemployment Rate: 2.8%

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