Real Housewives Star Accused of Involvement in Husband’s Alleged Fraud Scheme

Unlock Your Wealth Radio reports Celebrity Housewife Phaedra Parks accused of involvement in husbands fraud scheme.

Phaedra Parks’ husband was arrested in January and charged with fraud, and now, it seems as though the Real Housewives of Atlanta star may be linked to her husband’s illegal activity.

According to a new report by Radar Online, Phaedra is named as the founding officer, along with Apollo Nida, of several of his organizations which have been called into question.

Although this doesn’t confirm that she was directly involved and aware of what Apollo was reportedly up to, it certainly makes her a big part of the case–and that could be a very bad thing for her.

Since she is a part of the alleged fraud, Phaedra could be charged along with her husband.

In the case against them, Apollo is accused of faking companies in an effort to gain access to client’s personal information including their bank accounts, and since Phaedra was in on these companies, it’s hard to believe that she wouldn’t be aware that they were reportedly fake.

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