Signs You’re Dating a Cheapskate

Unlock Your Wealth Radio reveals ways to tell you're dating a cheapskate.

As you sit impatiently staring at the bill your waitress dropped over twenty minutes ago, your date couldn’t struggle long enough to look inside and see how much the bill will cost him. While stumbling for his wallet, nestled away in his coat pocket (which still has tags on it) you slowly reach across the table (in anticipation for him to stop you) instead he does nothing, rather he looks up at the game on the flat screen, gives one loud cheer as his team scores a touchdown and you score the bill.

Your date isn’t a cheapskate because he didn’t have money to pay for dinner, every time, rather it’s the expression of affection he gives, or doesn’t give. So the next time you dine out, share a birthday together or go to the museum, take notes his emotions and behavior when it comes to situations where money is involved.

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