Financial Linguist Hilary Martin Decodes Money Problems on the Unlock Your Wealth Radio Show

Hilary Martin, guest on the Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Hilary Martin joins the Unlock Your Wealth Radio Show

Scottsdale, Arizona- Hilary Martin, Financial Strategist and Money Linguist reboots listeners money minds with Heather Wagenhals, on the UnlockYourWealthRadio Show this Friday, February 21st, 2014 at 9:00AM (PST). Tune in as Hilary ‘reads between the lines’ of your financial statements, reprograming the way you handle money, resulting in more wealth for you and your family.

Libsyn’s Popular Money Show welcomes Martin to Season 18 Barely Legal edition. The Financial Advisor to America’s most affluent women continually updates her audience on her well-known blog Healthy Wealthy Families. Listen this Friday morning at 9 a.m. PST as Heather and Hilary discuss topics on your money mindset, personal finance, retirement planning and advice for women and their finances.


This week’s trivia is based on last week’s Key: Our Key to Break the Budget, plus Minutes on your Money and more during Declare Your Financial Independence 2014.

This Week’s Key in the Keys to Riches Financial Wellness Series:

No Seasonal Exceptions


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