Redecorate Your Home on a Budget

Spring is a great time to clean up your home’s style and we can help while keeping you on a budget. Fix up your patio or change up your living room colors and decor with the following four inexpensive decorating tips.

1. Change Things Up

Rearranging your furniture can be one of the cheapest and easiest ways to redecorate a room in your home. Switch ottomans in rooms or add a chair for more seating outside, this quick and easy redecorating tip is at no cost and minimal time, making it one of our favorites.

2. Re-Purpose an Item

Use items around the house you already have and reupholster or re-cover with a new fabric. Try painting a vase or adding a splash of color to an old picture, lightening up the room in time for summer.  You can even re-use a linen or piece of fabric to shade an outdoor area on your patio.

Redecorate Outdoor

3. Remain Clutter-Free

Break those bad habits of stuffing the “junk drawer” or kids closet by saying organized. So turn that old bookshelf into a toy shelf fit for a closet. Or add cubes under a coffee table or end table with each cube serving a purpose for that specific room.

Wall Decor

4. Add Personalization

Hang up pictures or color a wall to add a little personalization to your space. You can find affordable frames at thrift stores or buy sample paint jars if you’re only painting a small space. You can even frame the adorable kids art work and hang in their toy room, adding creativity and color to “their” room.


As you look forward to summer, also look forward to a new and improved space in your home which you have all rights to brag about your low-budget redecorating.


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