10 Date Night Budget Tips

Friday night is typically known as “date night” for several couples, but going out every week can add up over time. Even the cost of a babysitter is going up averaging $15.50 per hour, which is more than minimum wage in most states. Knowing that date night is already starting off taking $60 out of your pocket, it’s then time to plan the rest of your evening on a low-budget. So grab your spouse or significant other and let’s get break out the fun by avoiding to break your budget.


10 Date Night Budget Tips

1. Ask for “date night money” when someone asks you for birthday or Christmas gift ideas.

2. Buddy up. Use parents of your children’s friends by buddying-up and swapping date nights. You take their kids on Friday night as that couple goes out and in return they will take your kids on Saturday night as you go out.

3. Skip on beverages and just order nice food (have your cocktail or glass of wine before you leave home or a nightcap when you return.)

4. When people offer, accept! Don’t turn down a FREE babysitter or offer. Accept the deal and set the date right away.

5. Try happy hour instead of a late dinner where prices of drink and appetizers will cost less.

6. Go out for dessert or ice cream or bring home a tub of ice cream and fruit and make your own sundae’s at home.

7. Check for daily deals. Everyday Groupon, Amazon, Living Social and Travelzoo offer daily local deals on dinner, drinks, dancing and more.

8. Go out on a week night when things are often cheaper, quieter, and restaurants have better drink and meal specials.

9. Go for a day-date by watching a matinee or going for a picnic in the park. Packing your own food and beverage as you take in the sun and ambiance.

10. Designate a “date night fund” in your savings accounts. Throwing any left over cash or change into that jar and at the end of the month decide where and what you can do with your savings.

Once you set your weekly or monthly budget you will be able to enjoy your date night/day with a little more sense of ease and less financial stress.


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