How to Avoid Supermarket Traps

The average number of trips per week consumers make to the supermarket is 1.7, according to reports, and if you’re a family of four those trips can average between $600 and $1,000 on grocery bills each month (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2014). The fault of your high grocery bill is due to smart and strategic retailers. These ‘deals’ retailers are giving, their product placement and your impulse buys are trapping you and your money into a purchase that’s more expensive or unnecessary.

Grocery Store ShoppingThe next time you go to the grocery store remember these four tips to avoid higher costs, impulse buys and be aware of your surroundings. You’ll be surprised how much you cut off your grocery bill each month.


1. Stick to the Outer Loop: All necessity items such as your meats, milk and vegetables are on ht perimeter isle. The ‘luxury’ items tend to be displayed down the aisles. Unless you have a specific item you need (not want, but need) then avoid this area at all costs.

2. Buy in Bulk isn’t Always Better: Compare the price before you buy in bulk. Price out the cost per pound, per ounce and by the gallon. Retailers can play the game too so be careful you’re not buying one large can of soup over three small cans that give you more ounces and less costs when added together.

3. Avoid the End of Aisle: The impulse buys are located at eye-catching locations, such as the end of each aisle. Stores will place these items where you will likely walk by and hard to avoid locations. Be advised as you look straight ahead with your focus on the items you need.

4. Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around: The most expensive items are typically located at eye level. So it’s always best to look up for products or search below your knees for the less expensive items.

By simply being aware of your surroundings and the strategic, yet subtle way grocery stores get you to spend more money can help save on your grocery bill every month.

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