Stephanie Payne Warns Listeners How ‘Not’ to Let Family Members Dictate How You Die

Stephanie Payne, author of The Sandbox Wars, explains estate planning and how to avoid elder abuse with Heather Wagenhals, Executive Producer and host of on Libsyn’sPopular Money Show and Season 19 Running with Scissors this Friday, May 9th, 2014 at 9:00AM (PST). Stephanie Payne has over 30 years in home health and hospice care and from these professions she has become a talented artist who has stretched her skills by writing about her passion, which is helping people.

In this interview Stephanie breaks down how she cares for others on a financial level and in her book, The Sandbox Wars, Stephanie teaches people, especially seniors and adults how to get a peace of mind for yourself and your estate. She also dives into the importance of hiring a Certified Financial Planner who can actually help make decisions about your estate before it’s too late and before your family is dictating how you die, destroying your legacy.

So don’t let the new “F” word turn into Family at the end of your life and listen to Stephanie and Heather this Friday, May 9th at 9:00am (PST)  to hear more about estate planning on the personal finance radio show, which specializes in a unique brand of financial literacy every Friday morning.

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