4 Ways to Set Up a Dream Nursery on a Budget

Soon-to-be parents look forward to designing the nursery for their newborn, but it can be financially difficult to get everything you want and still have money left over for the car seat.

Instead of going all out on brand names with the latest gadgets, try using the following three ways to set up a dream nursery on a budget.

Design the nursery to last years. Keep the walls neutral and a theme that can last a few years and go with other décor you have in your home. Use that brown lamp from the living room or drag the recliner in from your office. Utilizing these items will save money now and be useful soon enough.

Detail the walls with your own creativity. Create your own picture frame or make your own letters from scraps or thrift store purchase. Simple touch ups and easy, but personalized details to décor will accessorize the nursery and save you money.

Buy items on sale. As you walk the baby aisles in stores, keep an eye out for discounted items like floor displayed car seats or recliners. Even second hand stores are great for buying dressers and changing tables. With a little sand paper, paint and new cushions your furniture will be customized to look as good as new.

Ask for help from friends and family. Hand-me-downs are a great way to save money. So ask around, you might be surprised what people have and want to get rid of but never say anything, especially if your friends’ kids are all grown up and out of cribs or gliders. These

The nursery doesn’t have to be a break in your budget, as long as this theme and décor can hold for a years to come.

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