3 Money Lessons from Mom

When you were young mom always knew what was best, she always made you feel safe and secure even teaching you lessons to prepare for a life of financial stability. She always knew what to do or say to maintain a positive attitude even when times were tough. Moms are great and they offer great advice, just like the following lessons.

Make your own money.

Mom always knew that you wouldn’t understand the value of a dollar unless you had earned it yourself. Working on summer days while your friends were at the pool seemed unfair back then, but today you have value and appreciation for hard earned money.

Invest at all times.

Just because you spend less doesn’t mean you’re saving more. Mom always knew this when going shopping. She’d let you know when you go to the store and find a hot deal and told you to ask yourself how many times you’re going to wear that pair of pants. Or if the cost justifies the quality of material, fashion and time you will spend wearing that item? If you’re second guessing that item, then it’s time to move on…

Do whatever it takes to make it work.

If you’re on a tight budget or going through financial problems, don’t let that get you down. Instead use that as motivation to get out of debt and away from financial stress. Use your resources, investment opportunities and save on every dollar, as mom always said, “the little things always add up”.

Mom and money

Mom always know what is best for their children and still, as grown ups, we can hear our mom telling us how to balance a checkbook or what to save and where to spend our money. Even if we’re financially set back or hit a money bump in the road, we always know how to get back on our feet and live by the true values which were taught by our mom.


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