Millionaire Creation-Media Opportunity with Heather Wagenhals

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Creating Millionaires

Guest Opportunity: Heather Wagenhals, Personal Finance Expert, Host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, and Author of Yes You Can! and Bushido Business, Etiquette Goddess

“Time is money,” is this phrase true? Many people dream of becoming a millionaire but do not push themselves enough to reach that goal.

Getting rich takes time, or does it? One thing is it sure will not come just by sitting there and doing nothing. It comes down to having certain traits and skills. What about good management, occasional risks, and a lot of thinking and hard work? Being a billionaire is the next step for a millionaire, so the market is open for any average Joe or Jane to become rich.

Finance Expert Heather Wagenhals discusses a few methods on how to become a millionaire.

Heather is eager to discuss this by answering the following questions:

* Can anyone become a millionaire?

* Will consistently playing the lottery give you a better chance in becoming a millionaire?

* What steps can you take to become rich?

* Would starting your own business benefit in the long run in becoming rich?

* Once you become a millionaire, how will you maintain that status?

Meet Heather Wagenhals:

* Expert in Personal Finance and Wealth Building Techniques

* Host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio

* Celebrated Columnist

* Author of Yes You Can! and Bushido Business

* Developer of Keys to Riches™ Financial Wellness Series

* Internationally recognized writer, speaker, and broadcast professional

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