How Much Money Have You Spent Playing ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’?

If you have ever wanted to be like celebrity  Kim Kardashian, without plastic surgery, now is your chance. The new ‘celebrity’ iPhone game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, allows players to really act like a celebrity and give them the opportunity to spend real money to get stars and other stuff in-app. With the game set to make some $200 million dollars this year, somebody is spending money on it, and that somebody is probably you.

Sure eeryone splurge’s here and there, but is buying the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood a splurge or a waste of money? The following Twitter accounts are only a select few that we shared who admit to wasting their money on this game.

KK on game

The tweets continue…

KK more on game
KK's game
Now admit it, you just looked into this game to determine for yourself if the is a waste of money or better than Candy Crush!
Source: E! Online
Photo Credits: E! Online

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