Scott Disick – Just How Filthy ‘Rich” Is He?

Scott Disick is very, very rich, and he wants everyone to know it. The article on Inquisitr shares the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and boyfriend to Kourtney Kardashian has always been fond of using social media to show off his vast wealth and numerous pricey toys. But now Disick has a new tool in his arsenal to brag to the world just how rich he is — a new social media app called Snupps.

The app is a bit like Pinterest, allowing users to post pictures of the stuff they own within different categories.

On his page, Scott Disick shares pictures of his summer Lamborghini and his extensive watch collection, each of them $10,000 or more.

Scott’s page is quite humbly titled “Lord Disick,” a moniker he seems quite fond of. There are a number of monogrammed items with the words Lord Disick, including a giant flag with an LD logo on it.

Scott Disick Wants The World To Know Just How Filthy Rich He Is

Scott’s also got pictures of his vintage Chris Craft boat, proving that he’s just as wealthy on land or seas.

Scott Disick Wants The World To Know Just How Filthy Rich He Is

Scott Disick doesn’t Snupps to tell people just how rich he is, however. He’s also been able to use more traditional social media, like taking to Instagram to share a picture of a sandwich he made using stacks of cash.

While the reality television star may be rich beyond belief, his wealth hasn’t done much to keep his personal life in order. Though he and girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian have baby No. 3 on the way, Scott’s partying and drinking reportedly grew out of control, culminating in a trip the the emergency room for alcohol poisoning last month.

After the incident, Kourtney reportedly threw Scott out of their Hamptons rental and prompted Scott to give up drinking entirely.

“He stopped drinking cold turkey — and promised he won’t drink again until after Kourtney gives birth,” the source tells Us Weekly. “Scott knew he had hit rock bottom.”

No word what Scott Disick will be doing with all the money he saves on alcohol, but users might want to keep an eye on his Snupps page to find out.

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Source: Inquisitr 

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