Money This Week – Our First Key to Acceptance and Affirmation

Keys to Riches Number One

The Keys To Riches™ Financial Wellness Series was created by the Unlock Your Wealth Radio host, Heather Wagenhals, to teach you how to think like the rich and be in control of your own money. Each week you will learn and live one  of our thirteen featured Keys which gives you specific techniques to create or fix your credit, reduce debt, save and invest, building wealth and happiness holistically. You can do all of this while transforming your current financial habits into healthy money management skills.

The first key Season 21 – Coloring Outside the Lines, is: Acceptance and Affirmation

Key Statement:

I know deep down that regardless if I like where I am or not, by accepting responsibility for the current state of my personal finances, I have the power to change them for  me, and those around me.

Key Affirmation:

I am great at managing my money.

Key Commitment:

My financial goals facilitate all other personal goals and I am passionately committed to accomplishing them.

Key Action Item:

Begin the affirmation process today to build our confidence. Listen to this week’s show and get those 6 P’s to work for you today.


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