Halloween Costume Tips to Save Money

Save money this Halloween with do-it-yourself costumes!

Halloween Costume Tips to Save Money
Considering the average amount you will spend on Halloween this year is $250, with the average price of a Halloween costume to be $59, that is a heavy price tag, especially for big families. This one night can set you back a few hundred dollars for just a few photos and screams. Is it really worth it?
Keep those costs low and come up with a “do-it-yourself” costume this year so your piggy bank will remain just as full as your bucket of candy on on the 31st. At least keep your wallet full enough to last longer than the one-night of fun you’re about to spend.

Consider the following do-it-yourself Halloween costume tips to save you money now, with priceless photos to remember later.

Add props

Use your own clothes to go as Raggedy Ann and add makeup and a wig or put those stored overalls into play and go as a Scare Crow and only buy the straw or hay. You can easily find these items at the dollar store or in non-seasonal sections at the store.

Repurpose home items

Use your brown paper bags from the grocery store and pack it with fake (or real) food and go as a “Full bag of groceries”, other items around the house that can be of purpose include an old lamp shade, old clothing items that you can draw on, pillow cases, bed sheets and so much more, just look around your house.

Look for deals online

Check out discount items on sites like Craigslist or shop for wholesale costumes on eBay. Search under clothing or costumes to see what is most affordable and make your costume based on the material available.
The options are endless, but the money is not. So use your creativity this Halloween and save money while having that one night of fun!
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