Pay Off Debt with Jackie Beck on Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Get Out of Debt with Jackie Beck

Personal finance author and “Debt Myth Mistress,” Jackie Beck, joins the Unlock Your Wealth Radio, revealing how to pay off debt using her App, Pay Off Debt. In this exclusive interview host and executive producer of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, Heather Wagenhals, sits down with Jackie as she reveals how she got out of debt by focusing on one thing (payment) at a time. Tune in this Friday, November 28 at 9AM PST to hear how you can start getting out of debt today and live a financially free life.

Jackie offers great financial advice in this interview, sharing tips on how you can pay off your credit cards faster while cleaning up your debt, by simply making an extra payment on your credit card bill each month.

As a personal finance author of The Debt Mindset Reset and Founder of The Debt Myth, Jackie finds common ground with listeners as she too went through debt, but soon found her way to financial freedom using her own advice and mentality focusing on having control of her finances. In this interview Jackie reveals how she overcame that $140,000 in debt and paid off her mortgage by following simple and easy techniques she preaches, like committing 15 minutes each day to focusing on how to overcome debt.

Tune in to this interview on the Libsyn platform as Jackie reveals how added at least $1 each day to help pay off her mortgage in 3 years! This interview will inspire you to get out of debt and how you too can overcome the financial fears and be in control of your money by using Jackie’s advice and her app, Pay Off Debt.

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Download the Pay Off Debt HERE and learn more about Jackie Beck on her website, The Debt Myth.

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