Blind and Determined, Russell Redenbaugh Overcomes Financial Challenges

Russell Redenbaugh Overcomes Financial Success
Russell Redenbaugh on Unlock Your Wealth RadioRussell Redenbaugh, Founder and Partner of Kairos Capital Advisors, joins Heather Wagenhals, host and executive producer of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, revealing how he overcame several obstacles to achieve great financial success since he became blind at the young age of eight. Tune in to this inspiring success story on Friday, December 12, 2014 at 9AM PST on Unlock Your Wealth Radio.


“Although I couldn’t see the present, I could possibly see the future and the rate of return would be higher.” – Russell Redenbaugh


Russell’s diverse achievements were only attainable when he created his own narratives.  Russell believes the narratives we all live in can be changed, beginning with some steps that you can start today.


Russell believes we all live in narratives that both produce and limit our opportunities.  We live as though these narratives are fixed, rigid, unchangeable things.  In this interview Russell informs the Unlock Your Wealth Radio audience that these are only stories.  They define our lives, and more importantly they can be changed.


Most of us think that our circumstances produce our narratives, but Russell shows it is our narratives that produce our circumstances.  Through a set of actions and behaviors, Russell demonstrates how you can “Shift Your Narrative” to produce more of what you care about, starting today.
“Tragedy is in not triumphing, but rather the tragedy is in not trying.” – Russell Redenbaugh


Losing his sight at a age eight, Russell has become very successful as a financial investor and yet to this day, he has never learned braille. Listen to Russell this Friday, December 12, 2014 at 9AM (PST) on the Libsyn platform as he inspires you into finding financial success while overcoming great challenges along the way.

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Russell’s “Big Break”:

After 49 interviews and 49 “no’s,” Russell got his big break with a small Philadelphia money management firm who was in the business of investing and decided to invest, that is take a chance on RussellRussell went on to become Chief Investment Officer and helped grow the firm to $6 billion in assets.  After successfully selling the firm, Russell moved on to teach at Wharton, serve as a Commissioner on the US Civil Rights Commission and consult global corporations such as IBM, Applied Materials and KLA Tencor on “Shifting the Narrative” through process/metric design. Russell currently makes several business offers through his company Kairos, which is a Greek word meaning “That moment when vision, bold action and opportunity converge to achieve extraordinary accomplishment.”

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