Bryan Mattimore Reveals Successful Ideas for Businesses

Bryan Mattimore on Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Author of Idea Stormers and Idea Facilitator, Bryan Mattimore, reveals successful idea strategies for individuals and businesses on the Unlock Your Wealth Radio with host and executive producer, Heather Wagenhals. As Co-founder and Chief Idea Guy of Growth Engine, Bryan is known to help businesses create new products and services, solve difficult marketing challenges and teach employees to be more creative. Tune in to learn more about Bryan and his unique ideas strategies.


In this interview Brayan reveals the most undervalued resource in businesses, which is the creativity and intelligence of one’s own employees. To encourage employees creativity is the facilitator leader. He defines a facilitator leader as one who knows they don’t have all the ideas, but rather their employees are the ones with the creativity and intelligence. The facilitator leader is simply one who is constantly encouraging employees to come up with great new ideas, allowing the employees to have a voice and most often their ideas are what bring success to a company.


Overcome business-building challenges, like sales, gaining new markets or new clients, by using Bryan’s techniques and idea strategies. One of Bryan’s clients used the Worst Idea Technique and generated the information service company into a multi-million dollar division. Listen to Heather and Bryan as we discover the worst idea technique, and other techniques that actually help businesses get on the right path,with employees thinking differently, opening their minds and adding great value to the business.


Tune in to the Libsyn platform as Bryan reveals two skills that are necessary to make your ideas a success. 
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