Madam Money, Tarra Jackson, Talks Financial Fornication

Madam Money Tarra Jackson on Unlock Your Wealth Radio
Nationally recognized economic empowerment speaker, money coach and author, Tarra Jackson,  joins Unlock Your Wealth Radio and host and executive producer, Heather Wagenhalsin the final interview of Season 21 “Coloring Outside the Lines.” Tune in this Friday, December 26 at 9AM PST on the Libsyn platform to learn more about Madam Money and her personal finance book, Financial Fornication.
Tarra turns personal finance into an easy and fun conversation for everyone, as a syndicated financial blogger, radio commentator, author and an authority on personal finance success. In this entertaining interview Tarra shares how several individuals suffer from Financial STDs and how we can get out of those financial abusive relationships.
Known as Madam Money, Tarra is the author of the acclaimed book “Financial Fornication” and is the executive producer and host of the #WomensWealth Hangout Show that focuses on helping women build wealth financially, emotionally, physically, personally, professionally and spiritually to make better decisions for their and their family’s desired prosperity.
Tune in this interview on Friday, December 26 at 9AM PST on the Libsyn platform as Tarra reveals how we are financially fornicating our money everyday and how to take control of your financial orgasm, which is affecting your money everyday.
The Keys to Riches Financial Wellness Series from Heather Wagenhals logoThis week’s key trivia is based on last week’s key, Practicing the Three R’s. Plus Minutes on your Money, this week’s MoneyismMoney Drama and more in Season 21, “Coloring Outside the Lines”.


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Check out Tarra on Twitter as the host of one of the top 5 ranked Personal Finance Twitter Chats called #CashChat every Friday at 12PM EST.

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