6 YouTubers Making More Money Than You

YouTuber's making money
USA Today – Feel like you are in the wrong business?

Here are some of the most watched YouTube personalities, building huge fan bases and the potential to make millions of dollars from their channels.

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Mourey, 28, is a U.S. entertainer who adds comedic flare to topics such as pet peeves and “How guys pack a suitcase.” She joined YouTube in 2010 and was a guest star onMillionaire Matchmaker. Mourey’s estimated annual earnings from YouTube is $71.8K-$1.1M.

“What I get to do is have fun in my house, by myself, and put it on the Internet,” Marbles told The New York Times.

Kjellberg, 25, is a video gamer who engages viewers with his outrageous reactions and comments on popular games. He is from Sweden and joined YouTube in 2010. Kjellberg’s estimated annual earnings from YouTube is $1.1M- $18.2M.

“It’s cool to have this kind of influence, but at the same time it’s kind of scary,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

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Mota, 19, focuses primarily on DIY projects, makeup and fashion on her YouTube channel. The U.S. teen was on Dancing With the Stars and joined the site in 2009. Mota’s estimated annual earnings from YouTube is $56.2K-899.8K.

“For me, now, it’s a lifestyle channel. It’s about what I love, it’s about who I am,” Mota told the Los Angeles Times.

Hecox and Padilla, both 27, do comedy skits on YouTube, including “If romantic movies were real” and “The truth behind emojis.” The pair, from the USA, joined the site in 2005. Hecox and Padilla’s estimated annual earnings from YouTube is $250.7K-$4M.

“We followed the Mark Zuckerberg path — minus the Harvard thing,” Hecox told re/code on not taking a traditional path to success.

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Higa, 24, does comedy and impersonations on YouTube, including “How to be the perfect boyfriend” and “How to hide your farts.” He is from the USA and joined the site in 2006. Higa’s estimated annual earnings from YouTube is $95.3K-$1.5M.

Higa told Campaign Asia-Pacific that his first YouTube video postings were by mistake: “I thought it was like a file transfer or like a Dropbox kind of thing.”

Note: The estimated yearly earnings from ads are provided by Social Blade, which analyzes YouTube statistics.

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