Heather Wagenhals Reveals Ways to Avoid Vacation Hackers

Heather Wagenhals on Financial Survival Newtork Discussing Vacation Hackers

Kerry Lutz, host of Financial Survival Network, interviews Heather Wagenhals, Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, revealing answers to the latest scam, “How can we be hacked on vacation?”

Questions Heather will answer include:

* How are these hackers targeting such a large volume of people?
* What are some of the ways to prevent these attacks?
* Why has the online world become a place full of criminals?

Tune in to this interview as Heather discusses how you can avoid being a victim, highlighting the phrase, “If you don’t take proper precautions you’re a sitting duck.” Think of this scam as full-time hackers being out there just looking for victims to steal personal data and sell it for a profit or use it themselves to buy tons of stuff.

So watch out! And listen to this interview with Heather, after all, she’s knows what she’s talking about.

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