Moneyball Economics with Andrew Zatlin on Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Andrew Zatlin on Unlock Your Wealth Radio
Andrew Zatlin leading contributor of Moneyball Economics joins Heather WagenahlsCertified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio to discuss economic benchmarks. Tune in to the Libsyn platform this Friday, July 17th at 9AM PST to learn more from the leading forecaster of key economic benchmarks, who is also known for his forecasts published on Bloomberg.
Andrew Zatlin has been named as the leading forecaster for retail, leading forecaster for payrolls and leading forecaster for jobless claims. Zatlin has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal as his forecasts are “knocking it out of the park.” Business Insider also dubbed Zatlin’s economic “Vice Index” as “incredibly accurate.”
Tune in as Andrew compares spending on credit verse the vice index, elaborating on individuals income and the fear of overextending yourself. You will also hear more about Zatlin’s macroeconomic forecasts, which are consistently ranked at the top of Bloomberg polls. Listen to the Libsyn platform this Friday, July 17th at 9AM PST.
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