Quantum Thinking Author, Dianne Collins, on Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Dianne Collins on Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Dianne Collins, author and Creator of the QuantumThink® System of Thinking, joins Heather Wagenahls, personal finance expert and host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio to discuss how our mind is the one who has the most power to control our financial situations. Tune in to the Libsyn platform to learn how quantum thinking is a new system of thinking for mastering effectiveness in a changing world.

As a popular media personality, Collins is also the author of Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, and the world’s leading authority in “new world view” thinking.

Dianne created the groundbreaking new system of thinking – the 21 principles of QuantumThink® — for living the highest and best in everyday practical life — integrating science, philosophy, and spirituality; drawing on sources that range from cutting edge scientific innovations to the wisdom of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders – making it relevant in popular contemporary culture. She is a master of translating ancient knowledge into modern “quantum” wisdom that provides a transformative platform for the way we conduct our personal, business, and global affairs.

Tune in this interview on the Libsyn platform to learn tips on how you can create a conscious relationship with money as a context for achieving their wealth goals, as Dianne and Heather answer the question, “What does money want from us?”

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