Investing for Women with Heather Wagenhals on the Financial Survival Network

Heather Wagenhals on Financial Survival Network on Women Investing

Kerry Lutz, host of Financial Survival Network, interviews Heather Wagenhals, personal finance expert and host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, to discuss how women can better invest their savings.

Generally, women invest every bit as shrewdly as men, despite some self-imposed handicaps, such as believing that finance is men’s work. Conventional wisdom holds that men have a lock on math know-how and business savvy – and if you believe that, you probably also think you can guess precisely where the Dow Jones industrial average will finish tomorrow. Studies consistently reveal that women take charge of buying decisions; budgeting and daily spending plans yet claim to lack clarity about how to build wealth.

Tune in to learn more investment tips for women while Heather Wagenhals explains how you can plan for a financially free future.

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