President and Founder of Granite Retirement & Regen Tax, Kendall W. Regen, joins Unlock Your Wealth Radio with host Heather Wagenhals to discuss what to plan for when taking into consideration healthcare and retirement. Tune in to the Libsyn platform this Friday, September 11th at 9AM PST as Kendall provides listeners with extensive financial support and knowledge on the topic of retirement.

“More people are planning their next vacation over their retirement and that’s a major concern for individuals”

As a a member of the National Ethics Bureau as an Approved Financial Advisor, Kendall is also certified by FedSavvy Educational Solutions on federal employee benefits. He comes with extensive experience in retirement and legacy planning services, including capital preservation, wills, trusts and other legal issues, Medicare and Social Security, using those credentials and knowledge for listeners of this interview.

Tune in to this interview airing on the Libsyn platform this Friday, September 11th at 9AM PST, as Kendall explains why it will cost you more money the longer you wait to develop a retirement plan and what to financially plan for during retirement.

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