True Value of Estate Planning with Brian Benham

Brian Benham on Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Brian Benham, President of Benham Advisory Group joins Heather Wagenhals, host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, on the topic of how to make sure your loved ones and legacy are protected. Tune in to this interview airing on the Libsyn platform this Friday, November 6th at 9AM PST as Brian explains to listeners on the topics of taxes, estate plans and retirement plans. 

Financial professional Brian Benham shares with listeners young or old, rich or poor, that there is one part of financial planning that most people are missing- estate planning, which is more than just a will.

55% of Americans die without a will or an estate plan.

Tune in to this interview airing on the Libsyn platform as Brian reveals why so many people avoid the topic of estate planning and why it’s not just for “rich people” but all individuals.

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