Gary Swim, Independent, family-oriented retirement planner and owner of Swim Retirement joins Heather Wagenhals, host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, on the topic retirement planning. Tune in to find out how you can prepare for your financial future of retirement planning, considering one-third of your life is spent in retirement.

Working Americans plan to stay on the job until age 66, but the actual average retirement age is 62 (according to a Gallup poll.) In fact, about half of retirees say they left the workforce earlier than they had planned. The most common reasons are to cope with a health problem or disability, or to care for a spouse or other family member. Other retirees were forced out of their jobs because of changes at the company, like downsizing or a closure. Of course, some people continue working into their 70s or 80s, but that is not something you can plan on when setting up your retirement strategy.

When it comes to retirement, there’s a lot of information that’s important to know. But then again, there’s a lot of information out there you should ignore. In this interview Gary debunks retirement myths, sharing expert advice to listeners on how they can better prepare for retirement and what advice they should ignore too.

Tune in as Gary Swim reveals retirement planning advice for individuals of all ages and income level.


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