The Beckhams: A Money Making Family in 2015

The Beckhams: A Money Making Family in 2015

The famous Bechham family, who made a big impression on social media this year, are worth a whopping $555 million. Between their various business ventures (including Victoria’s hugely successful fashion line) and endorsements, the family of 6 is pretty well off, financially.

New figures have been released which show that the power pair pulled in $71 million in 2014, not a bad amount for a wealthy lifestyle. 

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That amount includes $15 million through David’s Footwork Productions, $18 million from David’s licensing and commercial interests, and $37 million in sales from Victoria’s fashion brand.

According to The Sun, figures filed with Companies House show Beckham Brand Holdings made profits of $13 million post tax and the couple paid themselves a wage of $3 million each from the earnings.

Merry Christmas to them!

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