Financing a Real Estate Investment with Michael Park on UYWRadio

Michael Park Reveals if Your Finances Are Healthy for Real Estate Investing

Michael Park, President of Renters Warehouse in Dallas joins Heather Wagenhals host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, to discuss real estate investing Tune in to Season 26 of Unlock Your Wealth Radio as Michael unveils a few real estate investment tips and advice for listeners while answering investor questions like, How to find the pros and cons of REITs versus rental properties; Are your finances healthy enough to invest in real estate; and What is the difference between flipping your home and real estate investing.

Deciding whether to buy, sell, or rent a house is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make. If you’re moving or thinking about selling Michael and his team can help you weigh the pros and cons and determine if renting your house is right for you.

Tune in as Michael reveals the additional costs mosts first-time homebuyers don’t think of, but must take into consideration during the financing part of a new home.  

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