Ray Ream Reveals Debt Options for Couples

Ray Ream Reveals Debt Options for Couples
Ray Ream, Owner of Cottonwood Associates joins Heather Wagenhals, host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, revealing loans and debt options to better you (and your significant others) financial future. Tune in as Ray provides tips on how couples can tackle student debt together and other money issues they should discuss before saying “I do.”
In a recent survey, nearly half of people (44%, according to a National Foundation for Credit Counseling) said they either wouldn’t get married until their partner’s debt was paid off, or they would end the relationship all together.
Another 10% of people said they would get married but not help their partner pay their debts.
Find out if the debt you bring into a marriage is yours solely, or if you can divide this financial responsibility with your spouse. Listen in as Ray goes even further discussing who is responsible with that debt during a divorce, and how these financial responsibilities differ depending upon where you live in the US.
Tune in as Ray breaks down debt options and how you can negotiate a lower interest rate with credit card companies, while he also offers advice on how to prioritize your debt payoffs.

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