Dr. Joel Wade Reveals if Can Money Buy You Happiness

Dr. Joel Wade on Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Mastering Happiness author Dr. Joel Wade joins Heather Wagenhals, host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio to discuss money and happiness. Tune in as Dr. Joel Wade reminds listeners to not make the mistake in life of not dreaming big enough when your life would be more fulfilled with bigger aspirations, but also don’t make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals. Dr. Wade encourages listeners to find their “sweet spot” and what fits for you.

“It’s not a matter of I win and you lose with money,
because that doesn’t work with money and that doesn’t work with happiness .”
~Dr. Joel Wade

People can feel embarrassed if they have too much money and apologetic to others for having such a great life. In this interview Dr. Joel Wade reveals ways money can bring you happiness and not to feel bad about the wealth you have earned and deserve.

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Tune in as Dr. Joel Wade reveals his Masters Course in Happiness and the necessary steps you need to take to achieve happiness for yourself.

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