Get the Best Bang for Your “PR” Buck with Kristi Piehl

Kristi Piehl on UYW Radio

Kristi Piehl, CEO & Founder of Media Minefield reveals to listeners of Unlock Your Wealth Radio how to find the best PR firm for your money. Tune in this Friday, February 26th at 9AM PST as host of Unlock Your Wealth RadioHeather Wagenhals interviews Kristi on the topic of money spent on public relations firms.

In this interview Kristi reveals how earned media is different from traditional P.R., explaining how traditional P.R. can be like the “Bermuda Triangle” for companies and entrepreneurs. Kristi also offers advice on which questions you should be asking P.R. firms to ensure your requests are being met with the amount of money you’re spending on the firm.

Tune in this Friday, February 26th at 9AM PST as Kristi helps you determine if your PR firm is valuable or a waste of time (and money) as she reveals 3 key questions to ask the firm that will help determine if they are suitable for you and your media needs.

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