Celebrity Endorser vs. Celebrity Investor with John Montague

Celebrity Endorser vs. Celebrity Investor with John Montague
John Montague Co-Founder of ASPIRE Beverages reveals on Unlock Your Wealth Radio why celebrity investors are a better value to your brand, over celebrity endorsements. Tune in this Friday, March 4th at 9AM PST on the Libsyn platform as Heather Wagenhals interviews John on this topic which all business owners must hear.

As Co-Founder and Chief Aspiration Officer, John has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and marketing experience, trusting only those who truly believe in the product to endorse the natural sports beverages.

In this interview John reveals why it is more valuable to your brand to have the support from celebrity investors over celebrity endorsers. Tune in to hear John talk about celebrity names elevating your brand and the financial benefits and fallbacks that could come with such marketing strategies.

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