3 Shopping Secrets to Save You Money at Major Stores

3 Shopping Secrets to Save You Money at Major Stores

ATTENTION SHOPPERS: Haggling can take place at more than just mom-and-pop stores, as retail expert Andrea Woroch says there are secret ways to get better deals even at big, name-brand retailers.

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Rossen Reports’ hidden cameras followed Woroch through such stores as Lowe’s, Best Buy and P. C. Richard & Son as she demonstrated these money-saving techniques:

  • The Price Match: By saying she was going to price-check it against other retailers, Woroch got a salesman to reduce the price on a dishwasher by $44. She also used ShopSavvy, a price-comparison app, to get another salesman to match a lower price at a competing store on a Dell laptop.
  • The Open Box: Woroch asked for extras or a discount on a TV returned to a store in good condition. She wound up getting the price reduced by $280.
  • Bundling: “The more you buy, the more you can haggle and save,” Woroch said. By buying a refrigerator and a washer-dryer duo at the same time, she got the total price knocked down $349.

People don’t realize how simple it is, by just asking,” Woroch said. “Don’t be afraid. It’s your money.”

One additional tip could be the easiest of all: Be polite. If you are, Woroch says, employees will probably be more inclined to give you a better deal.

Photo Credit: Today Show

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