Change Your Financial Habits with Dr. Joel Wade

Dr. Joel Wade on Unlock Your Wealth Radio

Dr. Joel Wade, Mastering Happiness author, joins Unlock Your Wealth Radio in their final interview of Season 26.  Tune in as Dr. Wade reveals ways we can change our habits for the better as he helps listeners understand how to break these traits and habits, with host of Unlock Your Wealth Heather Wagenhals

Last month we discussed with Dr. Joel Wade the “acceptance” of oneself, and this month we switch gears to discuss how one can change habits for a purpose. Listen in as Dr. Joel Wade discusses how our consciousness allows us to remain in the habits we are accustomed too, not allowing us to change. However we find out in this interview that it’s all in the mechanism of our brain and it’s entirely up to yourself to make that change real, and not just saying we’ll do it, but actually making a difference in one’s life.

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Tune in to this interview on Friday, March 25th at 9AM PST on the Libsyn platform with as Dr. Joel Wade and host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, Heather Wagenhals.


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