Kim Suspects Momager Kris Could Be Mismanaging Her Money

Kim Suspects Momager Kris Could Be Mismanaging Her Money

Momager of Kim Kardashian, aka, Kris Jenner is in a nasty fight over money! has learned Kardashian is the family’s biggest cash cow, and she’s beginning to demand to know where all the money she’s raking in is going.  

“Kim feels like there are millions of dollars in question because Kris finances everyone’s lavish lifestyle,” an insider told Radar, noting Kanye West‘s 35-year-old wife is wondering why “everyone is suddenly getting Rolls Royces and mansions.” 

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Kardashian’s brother Rob was the latest recipient of 60-year-old Jenner’s generosity when she gifted him a pricy mansion

The Dow turned positive for 2016, notching its fifth straight day of gains. 

“Kim feels Kris’s spending is out of control,” continued the insider, “so she is doing an accounting because she’s the only one bringing in that kind of money and thinks it’s weird that everyone in the family is enjoying an extravagant lifestyle that seems to be beyond their individual means.”

Perhaps with some goading from her 38-year-old husband, who recently professed to be $53 million in debt, Kardashian “is putting Kris in check and wants to see exactly where all the money’s going.”

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“She thinks millions of dollars are missing,” added the insider. “Kim wants to be more hands-on to find out where the money is being allocated. She is starting to take an inventory to try to get to the bottom of this.”

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