Financially Wise Women CEO Brittney Castro on UYWRadio

Brittney Castro on Unlock Your Wealth Radio
Brittney Castro,  Founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women joins Heather Wagenhals, host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio this Friday April 8th at 9AM PST. Tune in as Brittney reveals the most common mistake individuals make with their finances and how you can avoid these mistakes and better your financial future.


In this interview these two female experts dive into gender racial issues on finances. Tune in to find out your financial options and how your money can be best managed by a trusted financial planner.


Brittney believes as an entrepreneur you won’t succeed long-term if you don’t have your personal finances in order because your finances are such a fundamental piece of your foundation, but once you focus on this aspect of yourself then your business will become strong and lasting.


Tune in this Friday at 9AM PST on the Libsyn platform as Brittney dives into other financial topics for women such as retirement, investing and more! Find out financial options for both women and men as we learn more from the CEO of Financially Wise Women.


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