Heather Wagenhals Reveals How to Avoid Romance Scams

Biological Brain-Based Financial Radio Show Reveals How to Avoid Romance Scams

Avoid Romance Scams by tuning in to Unlock Your Wealth Radio with Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist Heather Wagenhals breaking down common romance scams individuals fall victim to and how you can steer clear of these scam artists.

So if you are in the process of online dating or looking for sites to help you find a romantic partner, then first tune in to Unlock Your Wealth Radio as Heather Wagenhals takes listeners through the biological brain-based process, which comes down to how individuals are becoming victims of scams. In this episode Heather breaks down how we can take control of the most powerful drug on the planet, which is love, and avoid these romantic scam websites and con artists altogether.

In this show Heather reminds listeners of the “3 amigos model”, which an information processing model
that focuses on brain and biological perspectives in one’s life. 

Tune in to the biology-based financial money show on the Libsyn platform as Heather emphasizes poor money-making judgements we have on ourselves and how to take control of those money situations.

Heather Wagenhals will be speaking at Freedom Fest on
Friday, July 15th 2:30pm – 3:30pm
TOPIC: “Turning Critics into Converts”

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