‘How Wall Street Rips You Off’ with Dale Ledbetter on Unlock Your Wealth TV

Five Days of #TheFreedomFest continues on UnlockYourWealthTV with host Heather Wagenhals as she interviews author, speaker, and #WallStreet #Whistleblower Dale Ledbetter.


 Tune in to this interview as Dale explains how Wall Street is ripping you off and what you can do about it.


About the guest: 

Dale Ledbetter was founding partner of Ledbetter & Associates, P.A., a law firm which represented Claimants around the world who were victims of investment negligence or abuse. His practice also includes representing medical providers in claims against insurance companies, especially regarding enforcement of Prompt Pay Statutes. Prior to opening his law firm, he spent over 30 years in the securities industry , serving as EVP/Branch Manager of Meridian Bancorp Securities and as COO of Countrywide Securities in Los Angeles.

He is the co -author of How Wall Street Rips you Off- and what you can do to defend yourself. Other publications written by Dale Ledbetter include, From Mother with Love, The Ultimate Sales Professional, Success Yearbook and Bringing In The Business. He has authored numerous articles regarding securities matters including, Understanding The Subprime Debacle, The Great CMO Heist and Representing Public Pension funds: An Emerging Field. He has also written widely on business development and has provided consulting and copywriting services for medical and corporate clients. Dale also serves as an Adjunct Professor at the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University.

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